Well, in yet another stunning repudiation of the YPS voting guide, all statewide amendments passed. Locally, I note the voters decided a new jail wasn't necessary, but everything else was. Despite our occasional reluctance to acknowledge the fact, Texans are, after all, Americans and Americans do love us some debt. I wonder how many people will be bitching later when taxes increase to pay off the nine billion dollars of debt just voted into being.

Total turnout for our precinct? 184, with 70-something early voting. I'll call it a round 260 people. This from a precinct of almost 4,000 registered voters. Statewide numbers look to be right at 12.6%, based on the Prop. 9 numbers and a registered voter count of 12.6 million in the state. The next time anybody says anything about democracy being the will of the people, I'm going to tell them to have a nice hot cup of STFU. 5% of the voting public managed to screw the rest of us into a 9 billion dollar IOU.

I'm bitter about democracy right now, so I'm going to go drink coffee and mutter to myself.

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