Lawyers, Gunpowder, Money

So, as I reminded you last week, tomorrow is Election Day. I remain mildly hopeful that my fellow citizens are bright enough not to hand the state a blank check for over 6 billion dollars. If I were a betting man, I’d bet the other way. I find a helpful rule of thumb is to pick my side of the issue, and assume it will lose. This works more often than not. However, it’s not infallible, so all you voters could surprise the hell out of me and turn down the state’s request for more money.

In the history corner, today is the 402d anniversary of the attempt by Guy Fawkes, et al., to rid the English people of the burden of the current state by blowing the King and Parliament to hell and gone. Reading on the episode makes one appreciate how far we’ve come since the 15th century, and also makes one wonder if Congress has a basement.

In any event, voting is the one of the few ways not involving large quantities of explosives to effect a change in your government. I urge you all to go forth and do so.

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