Fleshy Poundage

Before I begin, let me just say the the post title would work as a title for a pr0n site featuring large women. I'm just sayin'. Domain name still available, too.

Anyhow, it's that day when millions of procrastinating Americans mail off their taxes. I, being better at this than most, will not mail mine off until later this week. (I meant better at procrastinating, in case you were wondering.) I am getting a refund from my benevolent overlords incompetent spendthrift employees this year, so I can wait. I have one more month of data entry to complete. I can sum up the numbers and see how much more of my money they took than was necessary. Oh, wait, that would be almost all of it given that very little of what the feds do is necessary, constitutionally authorized, or even a good idea.

Too bad we're all gonna pay for it anyway.



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