Burn, Baby, Burn

My takeaway from the people blathering on about the financial crisis we supposedly need to spend a gazillion dollars to avert is the financial system is far more fragile than anybody thought.

My next thought is if it’s so mind-blowingly fragile, why are we trying to save it? Let it burn and figure out how to make a better one that won’t be vulnerable to cascade effects from a single point failure. The time to start rebuilding your house is not while it’s on fire. You wait until the fire is done, and then start.

I also think giving the morons who caused the problem an additional unspecified sum of money is a staggeringly stupid idea. Surely someone out there has heard the expression “throwing good money after bad”? Apparently, none of these people are involved in figuring out what to do next.

Finally, the best and the brightest minds on Wall Street got us into this fucking mess. Maybe we shouldn’t be asking guys like the former Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs what the solution is. Maybe, just maybe, we should be telling Hank Paulson and the rest of the financial wizards to blow it out their ass. Y’all got rich riding the wave, y’all can suck it up and figure out how to solve the problem without taxpayer funds. Surely you can think of a way to do that, right? If not, maybe you’re not the right guy to have the job. Get somebody in who doesn’t have any ties to the industry to come up with a solution.

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