New Indeterminate Residents

Well, in and amongst all the fuss and furor, I have neglected to mention the latest residents of YPS Manor. After UH beat Tech last Saturday, we got up early in the morning and drove to Carrollton to do some dog rescue for the local breed club. J and I had been discussing getting another dog for some time, and we decided to keep one of the 6 rescue dogs we picked up. So we now have Dog V2.0 and Dog V2.5. The newest dog doesn't get a full rev level, since she's only half the size of V2.

Then the vet called. Dog V2.5 is pregnant with an indeterminate number of offspring. So we are expecting Schrodinger's puppies in roughly another 2 weeks. Once we collapse the waveform and figure out just how many puppies we have, we'll figure out what to do with them.



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