Medina on Beck

Disclaimer: I did not vote Perry in the last election. For the first time in my life, 4 years ago I actually voted Libertarian for Governor. I don't even remember that guy's name.

I believe Perry's a big talker during campaign time, a liar, and has been tragic for Texas. I attended a Perry rally some years ago where he looked us all in the face, made some promises, and when faced with actually keeping them, turned tail and ran like a frightened child.

I decided a couple of months ago that Debra Medina was the best candidate on the Republican ballot. She is the only candidate who actually follows the Republican Party of Texas' written platform. Kay Bailey Hutchison is covered in the stench of DC and she's pro Rowe v. Wade, so for me, not an option.

I listened to the Medina interview with Glenn Beck live on the radio. It was pretty obvious that Glenn kind of went into it with a chip on his shoulder, and Medina was nervous. Also obvious is that Medina is not terribly used to national exposure. She should've been more succinct, listened more to the actual questions, and answered them more directly. I think she talked too fast, over answered a little, and I don't think this was her best performance. I also know that she has been heavily criticized locally for not being more specific on questions, and I think in this instance she went too heavily in the opposite direction.

That said, I think Beck set her up, and not being a slick professional politician, she fell right into the trap. Beck shilled for the Perry campaign on this one, pure and simple. Beck's behavior and treatment of her was reprehensible, and shame on Pat Gray (a former Houstonian) for following right along like some pantywaste wanna-be who just wants to be accepted by the "in" crowd. Of course I guess Grey does what he must, since Beck signs his paychecks. In short, the Beck show treated Debra Medina as nasty as I've seen the mainstream media treat Sarah Palin.

I've seen several requests from posters on various sites to see transcripts from the interview. I honestly don't believe reading a transcript will do much justice to the tone which was apparent from the outset...just contemptuous. I was glad for the Medina campaign for her to get the exposure, but only really learned from listening that Glenn Beck has a streak of Chris Matthews or Joy Behar in him when someone doesn't share his exact orthodoxy.

I am re-evaluating whether I will continue to listen to Glenn Beck's program in the future. In my local market, Laura Ingraham shares the time slot on KSEV, and she still does a pretty good show.


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