I have been doing more reading than writing lately, and noticed a lot of blogs going "gloat-free" over President Bush's very decisive victory, as well as our victories in the House and Senate. Well not here! Gloat all you freakin' please! Get whacko and freaky, this is a great day to be a Republican! WOOHOO! WE WON, FOLKS! Take that all you pinko hippies!!! Anybody yet find a monastery for George Soros?

I am listening to Kerry concede right now. It is a shitty little snippy speech, with a very depressed tone, peppered with a whole lot of "oh poor me". Shut up Kerry, you ass, you're going home to a billion dollars and your cushy Senate gig. I want to hear my President. I am also looking forward to spending some of my day cruising lefty websites, witnessing the collective meltdown take place. Sound harsh? HELL YEAH! If we had been on the losing side, they would bury us in it.

Screw that winning graciously shit, let them lose graciously first...and after the good long gloat prepare with me to watch on the left for the Hillary. She is sharpening her claws...


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