Regulation is the Devil’s Work

Some of you out there may have realized my position on the 2nd Amendment is a little… extreme. I figure the 2nd Amendment, much like the 1st, means exactly what it says. What part of "shall not be infringed" is difficult to understand? If I can safely and securely store my arms and ammunition, I should be able to own whatever the hell I want. I don’t generally make exceptions to this rule. As far as I’m concerned, if I can keep a tac nuke securely, I should be able to have one.

Of course, I’m bright enough to realize this will never ever happen. Once again, the 1% of the population that can't behave has screwed the rest of us. Too much idiot regulation gets in the way. Chain Gang has a nice post up about the futility of most gun control regulation. The unanswerable question is asked: none of the regulations currently in effect work, so why will adding another stupid regulation improve the situation?

Why don't we broaden the question to all regulation? If the current regulatory scheme is a failure, as too many are, why should we think that tweaking the parts slightly will produce the desired results? The ugly answer that no legislator in Congress wants to speak is that it won't. However, congresscritters seem to think that the world will disintegrate if they don't legislate. Laws must be passed! Something must be done! We must make more laws and felonies!

There's a lot to be said for the Texas approach of only letting the Lege meet once every two years for a limited time. It keeps them from screwing things up too badly.


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