More on Cafeteria Catholics

Well, despite my previous disagreement with Joanna, she’s dead on target today.
I don’t care if you’re a liberal American Catholic. Good for you. But don’t expect a Pope, whose job is preserve the institution, to accept your unwillingness to truly live by your faith. Use contraception, or be pro-choice to your heart’s content, but realize that you’re living a pick-and-choose version of the religion that you claim. Don’t expect it to conform to you just because you can’t hack it.
I don’t think I can add much.

Update: Here's a classic whiny example of the kind of behavior Joanna references. (It also defines cafeteria Catholics, for the uninitiated.) The line that really kills me is this one:
The church is clearly moving away from progressive Catholics. How long will progressive Catholics stick with the church?
Sure, that's what's happening. By staying exactly where it has been for hundreds of years, the church is moving away from progressive Catholics. Someone is obviously more than a little unclear as to who is moving.


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