Be Proud

The Houston Gay Pride Parade was this past weekend. Paul has photos. We don't have photos because someone left the camera in the car and nobody wanted to walk back and get it.

One addition this year was the crowd control barriers freakin' everywhere. In years past, the only place with the metal fences was the actual corner of Montrose & Westheimer. The first year J and I went, we ended up on opposite sides of Westheimer. She finally found me because I was standing on one of the barriers at the corner. It's hard to miss a six foot tall guy standing on a five foot tall crowd barrier, even in the madness that is the Pride Parade.

We were standing in front of Sliders this year and the barriers came down at least that far. I guess the HPD mounted cops got tired of shooing everyone back onto the sidewalk every 30 minutes or so, which used to be what happened. The parade itself seemed to last longer than usual this year, too. I have no insight as to why, since I didn't see some floats from years past.

Anyhow, a fun time was had by most, it seemed. You should go next year.


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