Something about that as a headline amuses me greatly, but I’m not sure what it is. Anyhow, Radley Balko has an article from earlier in the week denouncing some of the more egregious nonsense to come out of the Supreme Court lately. Yes, I mean Kelo and Raich. Mr. Balko has a firmer grasp of the purpose of the Constitution than the learned folk who sit on the Supreme Court, to wit:
The Constitution's purpose is to outline what rights we give to the government, and to firmly define the limits of government power.
The essential fact of limits to government power has been lost in the verbiage of late.

He also has another website apart from his main one called Spurlock Watch. In case you weren’t paying attention, Morgan Spurlock is the dolt who ate at McDonald’s every day for a month and made himself a movie in the process. The central fact of the movie and how he went about it proves, beyond any shadow of a doubt, what a twit he really is. However, he is apparently riding his newfound fame into a career pushing more idiocy.

I mention this because the last jackass that went this route was Michael Moore. The route goes like this: make horrible faux documentary, convince people you’re smart, push misinformation and propaganda on the public. While Mr. Spurlock would have to continue overeating at McDonald’s to rival Mr. Moore in girth, he could attain comparable influence. I’m against having more clueless twits yammering and trying to convince people up is down and white is black, so I’d like to see Mr. Spurlock STFU. Pointing out the idiocy and non-logic of his positions is one way to accomplish the goal.

H/t to GWA.45 since somebody didn’t plug his Fox news piece on his own blog this week.


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