A Wonderful Gift

I didn't know we as a nation were actually supposed to get gifts for the 4th of July-- you know, that whole "ask not" business and all...and yet, we got a biggie. The most dangerous person in America announced her intended retirement today. For those who know me, you know that Justice O'Connor is my least favorite Justice on the High Court. For those who don't know me, I know your immediate reaction: what, not Ginsberg, Stevens, or even Souter? My answer is simply this. With the aforementioned, you at least know where they stand. They are going to come out wrong on any given issue about 99% of the time, but we know it and we deal. O'Connor on the other hand just makes shit up. And you never know on any given day what kind of shit she's going to make up. The one thing that is for sure, if you see a 5-4 decision, O'Connor is on the wrong side of it.

Happy 4th all, and Thank you, Uncle Sam!


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