CD 22 Update: David Wallace is Making His Move

As you may or may not recall, David Wallace, the Sugar Land mayor who attempted to position himself as Tom DeLay's personal pick in the CD22 race, thought he was such a lock he decided to not bother to stump for Harris County's vote. Further, he decided that he did not need to complete the Harris County Candidates' Questionnaire and not attend the candidates’ forum on 06 May. I'd say such a move isn't the smartest choice, but hey far be it from me to question his strategy. I think, however, he later learned that the forum was open to all CD22 precinct chairs, regardless of county, and it looked bad that he didn't show, because he has certainly changed his tact lately. It is one thing to decide to ignore Harris County, but if you decide to blow off everyone, you're pretty much not going to be the choice, no matter how much Fort Bend County seems to love you.

So, gentle YPS readers, I know you're asking, how has he changed his strategy? This week, in the mail, I received his CD22 candidate questionnaire completed. I've also received 3 messages from a gent named "Mack" with the David Wallace campaign attempting to set up a meeting between "Dave" and me. I gave him a call to see what he has to say, but so far all I get is a busy signal, which is odd because the number matches up with a Sugar Land business. Honestly, at this point, I seriously doubt he will change my mind, but I figure I'm in it to learn as much as I can, so what the hell. Funny thing is that I'm not aware that they've made any attempt to make these appointments with any of the potential electors; one for sure told me that little if nothing has been heard from that particular campaign. I'll bet everyone has received the questionnaire by now, and perhaps they've made contact with all of us.

I understand that Mr. Wallace later commented he did not participate in the Harris County event first, because he wasn't invited (just a bad lie) and then later due to lack of sufficient notice, which was the exact same claim set forth by Tom Campbell. Unlike Mr. Campbell, however, I can't directly call bullshit on Wallace's lack of notice claim. Campbell claimed that he had no notice, but Campbell was sending out nasty e-mails two weeks prior to the event trashing not just the process, but the event as well. I would simply say that if Wallace honestly didn't know, then he has his head up his ass and isn't sufficiently tuned in enough to the grassroots to be paying attention. What follows in my view is that he won't pay enough attention to us to be a proper representative either. I think we have enough of that already.

Update: I got someone on the phone. I'll be meeting with him next week. I'll let you know what I learn.


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