An End to the CD22 Comedy

Well, Justice Scalia told everyone to go piss up a rope, so it’s a done deal. Unless he withdraws, as some sources are saying, Tom DeLay’s name will be on the ballot come November. J is of the opinion that roadkill could beat Nick Lampson in the district, so I guess we’ll get to find out. Given the unappealing collection of hacks that put themselves forward for the nomination, I’m not sure roadkill wouldn’t be a better choice.

As for me, once again, I’m tired of all you donkelfants. I wouldn’t vote for Nick Lampson if I was on fire and he had a bucket of water. Despite what some of you efenants think, whoever gets put forth to run with an R won’t be much better. If all of y’all that keep saying you want change keep voting for the majors, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting. You’ll get another guy who says what you want to hear, and then goes to DC and votes for pork and special interests. Wow, just like the last guy! Remember him? The guy who said, against all evidence to the contrary, that there was no fat left to trim in the federal budget? Yeah, Robert Talton is a worthy successor to that kind of thinking. He’ll do you up right if that’s what you want. If you want the unnameable to go up there in her pretty pink suit, what’s she gonna do? Try to cram nanny-state public health bullshit down our throats on the federal level? Yay! That’s what I want from the party of small government. The only guys that are actually old-school conservatives have no chance in hell of winning. Neither, incidentally, does David Wallace. He has managed to piss off the precinct chairs outside of Fort Bend, so he can’t take the district.

Bah! Humbug! Mercutio was right. Pox, pox, pox. Vote for this guy. With no anointed efenant and a donk that’s just as loathsome as the rest of his party, he might actually have a chance. Slightly akin to the proverbial snowball, but a chance nonetheless. Keep voting for the same parties, get the same government.


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