Chugging Bourbon Straight From The Bottle

So we've at least rid the election of the President of 9/11. That's a bonus, however you look at it. We've also disposed of Fred! and the Biggest Douche in the Universe. So we're left with a fairly dispiriting list of electable candidates.

We've got the whacked out ex-military guy with no understanding of the Constitution and anger management issues along with a tenuous grasp on reality.

We've got Mittens and his Magical Mormon Manpanties. I'd tell you what his positions are on the issues, but until the poll data comes back he won't know.

We've got Clinton II - The Sequel. Spending four years listening to that woman would drive me nuts, and all her policy positions make me want to vote with a .308.

There's the Baptist guy who thinks we need to revise the Constitution to make it more like his version of the bible.

We've also got the brother with the silver tongue. He doesn't say much about his socialism-lite, but he says it very prettily.

Finally, we've got an old Doctor who thinks a variety of things, most unpalatable to the average voter, about the scope and scale of federal government.

Yeah, I think I know what I'll be doing come election night while I wait for the bad news.

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