Thoughts on Boiling Crawfish

I remain convinced that my seasoning mix for boiling crawfish is superior to the big ol’ jar of Zatarain’s one buys down at the market. I boiled another sack for the BioHouston Chili Cookoff on Friday. Instead of my recipe, I took the path of least resistance and bought the big jar. It apparently makes no difference to the average consumer. Of course, I have not yet met anyone else in Houston who mixes their own boil seasoning. Everyone I have talked to about this just buys Zatarain's, so it may be that no one has ever had anything other than the big jar o' Z. However, I think I’m going to continue to make my own seasoning when I do it at the house. For events away from home, Zatarain’s is way easier. Since nobody seems to give a damn except me and J, I don’t see a need to bother with the extra effort.



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