So, we’ve been a bit busy with the move to new digs. YPS Manor and all of its inhabitants (me, J, N, Dog v2.0, turticle) have relocated to the northern edges of the Houston metro area. The old house is still for sale, so if you’re looking to relocate just south of 225, drop me an e-mail.

In an attempt to fill space and remind people we do occasionally post content, here’s some of the search terms people are using to find us – with commentary!

philosophical halloween costumes and philosophy costumes – It’s much harder to dress as an actual philosophy, so I’d probably stick with philosophers. Go as one of the old Greeks. Wear a chiton and some rope sandals and call it good. Carry around a triangle and call yourself Pythagoreas if anybody asks. Or you could go as Schopenhauer, if you’ve got the hair to pull it off. Alas, so few of us do.

ayn rand philosophy sucks – Maybe, but you’ll have to deal with it sooner or later if you keep hanging around libertarians. I tend to think her philosophy would’ve gone over better if she didn’t write such crappy novels.

bucket full of failHere you are. A disaster starting from conception all the way through whatever the ultimate execution may turn out to be. A larger bucket I doubt I’ll see in my lifetime.

united nations sucks – Why, yes, yes it does. I know I’m glad my tax dollars help support corruption, incompetence and baby-raping in the third world. Here at home, tax dollars only support corruption and incompetence.

Hopefully, that’ll be enough content to tide you over for the weekend. I go home now to complete the monumental and arduous task of unpacking all my stuff.

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