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So, with all the news on voter fraud going on over the past couple of days, ACORN, Obama people, and the like, I notice this transcript that our local TV station broadcast recently.

I don't know about everywhere else, but I can tell you how voter registration and the rolls work in Harris county. Paul Bettencourt's office works his ass off on this, and Click 2 Houston isn't being entirely accurate. I am sure there are dead people on the rolls, but as long as a voter is shown voting (the name is signed in the voter book)...which means as long as the election workers in the precincts are perpetrating fraud, a voter will stay on the rolls.

A voter is placed in suspense if he goes something like 3 elections where he doesn't vote. The line next to his name in the sign in book will have a notation and the election worker must see a photo ID if he shows up. In the meantime notices are sent to the address of record. After the next general election, if no response is received by mail and the voter doesn't show, he's removed from the rolls altogether.

As a former Election Judge, I have personally dealt with an individual (stupid donk twit) who came in, was rude to my 82 year old Grandmother, started bitching and moaning because she wasn't on the rolls, demanded her right to vote, produced her ID, and let me look her up. I saw no record, so I called Bettencourt's super secret election day number for judges in situations like this. Guess what? Uncle Paul's office can tell me that she re-registered in OREGON the previous year. I look at the twit in question and state, "according to the voter registrar, you registered in the State of Oregon last year, is this true?" Then I sit back, secretly smile, and watch the idjit twitch. I say that is pretty darned impressive on behalf of the registrar's office.

Prior to the introduction of ESlate in Harris County, I witnessed in precincts in Sheila Jackson (TV) Lee's congressional district, the workers go through the books near the end of the polls closing, sign by peoples' names who didn't show, and vote for them. And yes, you can see there will be 4 or 5 people in a row with the exact same handwriting in the book. Where the problem lies in our area, is at the precinct level, and then post-election. An individual who ran for state rep several years ago in that same (Queen Sheila's) area lost his race by less than 500 votes due to a ballot box with a broken seal that arrived to the county at 2a. When issues are reported, certain folks cry racism, the matter is swept away, and rightfully elected candidates are branded as sore losers.

I think probably what the counties need to do in the case of the dead is link up with death certificates issued in their respective counties, drop a couple of cards in the mail, and if they get no contact, remove the voter. I honestly thought they already did this. I also would love to see more volunteer poll watchers assigned to these precincts to see what is really going on in those rooms. A lot of people need to go to jail.

As an aside, I think the key to involving more people in elections in general is making it an additional exemption to jury duty.

As a second aside, I find it odd that all of these fraud issues only seem to occur with Democrat organizations, in Democrat precincts, and with Democrat workers and voters. The news media tells us how everybody hates and disagrees with Republicans, and yet it is the Democrats who cheat at every level and still can't totally sweep elections. Hmmm...

And finally, I think it goes without saying that the lazy assed news media should really engage in a little more fact checking.

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Blogger Ted said...

Since it's lefties that accuse the most of vote fraud, I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn they are signing off on dead people's registrations and voting for them, "loosing" ballot boxes, &c.
Ted Nugent got it right: "If you're too damn stupid to punch a hole in a piece of paper next to someone's name, I don't want you deciding who's going to run the most powerful nation on Earth for the next four years!"

6:46 PM  

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