Hit F7

I work for a lovely global enterprise. The corporate headquarters is located abroad, and many of the staff come from other places where English is not the first, or even second, language. I have grown resigned to the more interesting sentence structures in corporate documents because of the translation effects. It's kind of amusing most days.

What still annoys me is when I get idiot level spelling mistakes. I have open in another window a document which purports to tell me the "Officlal Language" is English. As long as it's officlal, I guess it's all good, right?

Seriously, how hard is it to hit F7? It never strikes me as difficult, but maybe I'm anomalous. Of course, I'm one of those anal types that can't stand it when the little red underline appears.

I also have my email program set up to spell check before it sends. If you work in a corporation anywhere, you should have the spell-check option enabled. It's a simple way to help you avoid appearing like an idiot, especially if you type as poorly as I do.



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