According to Politico, we will again have a Clinton in the executive branch along with yet another guy who worked for the Clinton administration. I don't see the junior Senator from New York as having a whole hell of a lot of foreign policy experience. Fortuneately for me, I don't have to worry about who to appoint. I get to sit here and question the qualifications of lawyers to do anything but argue incessantly. It's an easy gig, frankly, and much less work than my real job.

In any event, I am doubtful Sen. Clinton will do as poor a job as Madeleine Albright did, so she's got that going for her. Of course, I'm reasonably certain Dog V2.0 could perform better than Madeleine Albright in most tasks not requiring an opposable thumb. I have a fairly low opinion of the former Secretary's competence.

In any event, I continue to wonder if these appointment presage the kind of Change all you Obamanauts can be disappointed by. Maybe this is where the Hope comes in? I'm unsure.

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