Humbug and Bother

I'm tired of this election season. I want both major party candidates banished to the Island of Misfit Mascots while they contemplate their sins. Neither Obiden nor McPalin has a whole lot to offer me except further erosion of the Constitution and unsustainable spending. I can't really support either one of those policies.

So instead of the insightful commentary you've come to expect from us, even if it is heavily cribbed from Will this year, I offer you some semi-frivolity.

Does anybody here consider epistemology frivolous? Just me? Well, here's an article on the nature of truth as discerned by Wikipedia.

Death, incest, chaos and the fall of the clan of Volsung. Hmm. That's not really frivolous either, is it?

Well, since I did say I would provide some frivolity, here's an exhaustive list of what frivolity will not be tolerated.

I know. Here, fun for all and frivolity should abound.

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