Stimulant Abuse Is Bad

So, have I mentioned lately how hare-brained the stimulus is? No? Let's sum it up in one sentence.

Spending money we don't have on things that won't work is a monumentally stupid idea.

There, that was easy. A nicer version of the same concept can be found here. I realize my opinion is less than persuasive, but I would hope a couple hundred economists including three Nobel laureates might be more credible.

Then again, another Nobel prize-winning economist says if you oppose the stimulus, you're a dishonest hack. Hmm. Who to believe? The guy who spent the past eight years losing his mind spectacularly and publicly and was proven wrong repeatedly on several important issues? Or 200 or so of his peers who think the stimulus is bullshit?

In any event, it looks more and more certain the stimulus is going to happen because... because... hell, I don't have clue why it's gonna happen at this point. The venality and incompetence of our political class comes to mind for some reason, but there may be more to it than that. Gross stupidity may play a role, as well.

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