The Amish, Kerry, and Bushisms

This is one odd article. My first thought upon reading it is how do Amish folks actually vote? The article states that Lancaster County, Pennsylvania uses older voting machine models, but says nothing about Ohio. Nonetheless the next question becomes, if Pennsylvania and Ohio purchase electronic voting machines, does this become disenfranchisement? Would an Amish person file a law suit? Maybe…I do know they lobby the government, although I don’t quite understand the mechanism. It would seem to be a long trip to the capital in that buggy.

I was especially struck by the quote from Kerry spokesperson Mark Nevins, who stated, "If I know Republicans and their grass-roots operations, they'll spend most of their time trying to phone bank the Amish," Phone bank the Amish? Are the Kerry people really that bloody ignorant?

The media won’t let you think so. This will get much more play.
See what I mean? And remember, it is the Bush campaign that engages in petty politics.


Blogger Ontario Emperor said...

It appears that you and I have different interpretations of the Mark Nevins quote. When I read it, I assumed that Nevins knew danged well that the Amish weren't reachable...I assumed Nevins was making a joke about the stupidity of Republicans.

However, this whole thing could backfire if the Amish find out that Nevins is making jokes at their expense. At least they won't see our blogs to find out about it...

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