If Only...

Can't afford those expensive iconic furniture pieces? Lust after a Mies Barcelona chair but just can't afford one right now? No problem. The fine people at Vitra, assisted by the lovely folks at Hive, have a solution for you! All of the beauty and style you want and the finest European craftsmanship as well. I can tell that you are breathless with anticipation, so I'll share the secret.


Yes, the look you lust for at only 1/6 the size! And substantial savings, too! Less than 1/6 the price on selected models! Think of the flexibility, as well. You're no longer limited to putting a chair on the floor. Use it as a centerpiece, or place it on a shelf. Anywhere you feel it showcases your expansive style and limited budget is just fabulous!

Now if only my ass were 1/6 the size, we might have something here. There's obviously a market for scale furniture, but I'm slightly confused as to who it might be. Ain't capitalism grand?


Blogger J said...

Dude, I wish MY ass was 1/6 its current size!

2:52 PM  

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