The newest "addiction"

The frenzy started with "big oil". Not an addiction exactly, unless you ask America's watermelons and their relentless struggle against the evil SUV. Sure, it doesn't matter that you work 25 miles away, you should ride your bike!

But then, it was all about "big tobacco". So you smoke for 30 years and get lung cancer...really? Goodness forbid people actually take responsibility for choosing a bad habit that kills them.

And who can forget "big food"? This causes businesses, for fear of being sued, to offer rabbit food happy meals (because we can't just drop the damn fork), and oranges in kids' meals because parents are too lazy to tell junior he needs just drop the X-box and get his fat ass outside to play.

Well here's the newest one...duck and cover because the lawsuits are coming. The first one up: Finland vs. Gore.


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