Insanity Runs Amok

Brian Doherty at Reason has lost his ever-lovin' mind. How anybody with any interest in libertarianism as a political philosophy can endorse doing anything with the Green party other than shooting them on sight... ooh, wait, that sounds bad and might be taken as an incitement to violence. Shooting them with water pistols, yeah, that's what I meant. Not with actual large-caliber bullets or anything hurtful. Because we all know that hurting people is bad, right? We can't even hurt anybody's feelings in America anymore lest we damage their precious self-esteem. Especially when those people are the virulently anti-technological heirs of Marx and Stalin. That's especially bad.

I got no time for the Greens. I realize that many of the Greens are young clueless 20-somethings that do not fully understand the Green Party position. Three words for them: Caveat emptor, bitch. You'd better learn something about the organization before you sign off on it. Me, I've read the party platform. The Green Party national platform for the 2000 was the most insane collection of anti-technology collectivist communist dreck I've ever had the misfortune to lay eyes on. Skip past all the tree-hugging, bunny-friendly rhetoric and get to facts: those people will take your liberty and property in a fucking heartbeat and tell you it's for the greater good. The Greens have the scariest ideology of any political party in America. They are about three millimeters off from suggesting forced euthanization to reduce the population and save the environment. Of course, if the Greens had free reign to implement their idiot ideas, the resulting death toll would certainly help that program along.

For somebody who is some form of libertarian to suggest working with Greens implies he is either gullible, foolish, or knows nothing about them. The comments on Mr. Doherty's post show that some of his readers have way more of a clue than he does. I think the idea of debating the Greens on college campuses is good, if only because you can try to show the Greens for what they are: liberty-hating collectivists. But cooperate with them on any meaningful level? Not no, but hell no. I don't need to stick my arm into a shark's mouth and see what happens before I decide it's a bad idea. That itching you feel between your shoulderblades? It's a premonition of where the knife's going as soon as you're not useful to the Greens. Work with the Greens to get mutually agreeable candidates on the ballot? In what parallel universe do you reside that there is enough overlap to make a Green candidate acceptable? Every single point of the Green Party platform relies on increased government activity at all levels to effect change. How do you reconcile that with a belief in individual liberty? I am unable to do so, but maybe your mileage may vary.


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