Shameless Book Review

The crazy person nice man who runs Hog on Ice has promised links to people who, in his words, "pimped my book". Well, hell. I was impressed enough to order his magnum opus (french for 'bottled penguin', I think) from iUniverse. I can share my feelings on the book for a link.

Let's see, I can make this quick and simple or long and tedious. Hey, how about both?

Long: Steve is a sick, twisted man who is amazingly rude and screamingly funny. He will have an aorta with the effective cross-section of a pencil lead if he eats the stuff in his cookbook on a regular basis. While some of the recipes are not capable of instantly raising your cholesterol a few hundred points, the overall effect will be to make you die of a heart attack or while laughing. The recipes look good, but I have yet to summon up the energy to attempt any of them. I'll get back with you on this someday. I can, however, wholeheartedly recommend the writing. Very funny man. Plus, I think I have a contractual obligation of some sort to shill for my fellow alumni. So buy his book. Even if you regret it, he got your money and I got his link.

Short: Funny book, lethal recipes, buy now.


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