The Euros Get a Lesson in Democracy

So it appears that some idiot finally found a way to get some group of America haters who know jack about democratic elections to show up and monitor ours. Well bully for them, I guess, since it isn’t going to affect me or my precinct anyway. Nonetheless, I can picture the smelly Eurotrash, or similar types, standing around in their shiny suits looking like chickens watching a card trick because they wouldn’t recognize a true democratic process if it slid up their greasy legs and bit them in the crusty balls

As T has mentioned previously, I’m the election judge for our local precinct, and you could pretty much put some boxed road kill up for office with a big R after its name and it would get elected. And, as absolutely annoying as my Alternate Judge (the Donk) is, he’s not a cheat or a fraud. Plus, he doesn’t know how to work the voting machines anyway. Wait, I can qualify that further. He doesn’t know how to work, at all. He shows up, has social day, and goes home. He knows the neighbors and likes to visit. He’s entertained, I’m aggravated, and we have an election…but I digress.

What I am really trying to point out to those of extremely short memory is this. Donks are still hanging on to that tired canard about the 2000 election being stolen. They’re setting themselves up to be able to claim it again when Lurch gets his ass kicked. They’re already retaining the lawyers. Four years ago, the precincts descended upon by him of dress-shirt-as-tax-write-off, the race baiters, and other assorted moonbats to dangle their chads were DEMOCRAT precincts. Look again at that statement and check your references if you think it isn’t true. Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, etc. were predominantly black precincts run by DEMOCRATS. It was the DEMOCRATS being accused of violating civil rights, intimidating voters, and not counting ballots; and it will be DEMOCRAT precincts where these “impartial” internationalists will observe.

Personally, I would be insulted and would resign my position as Election Judge if my party accused me of such impropriety. But hey, the Democratic Party has a long established history of disenfranchising minority voters, so I hope that shack out back of the plantation is cozy enough for them. Oh, and don’t look for these observers to visit predominantly white and/or Republican precincts. Election Fraud 101 dictates that you go after precincts that your people already control because the challenges appear to be more legitimate if you go after your own while in fact you have more opportunity to manipulate our outcome. I don’t make this stuff up, I just study it.


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