Disco Discombobulation

I started to write a thoughtful, reasoned discussion on why I thought this was just fundamentally ridiculous. Then I realized it's Friday, my head hurts, and I just don't feel like being serious and thoughtful. Good thing there's a delete key on this puppy, right? So I'll be my usual charming self instead.

Shut up, you flaming asshat. Do you honestly think that this is going to "discombobulate" anyone? Anyone from outside New York will simply go "Huh. That was weird" and use the experience later as a funny anecdote of their trip to the Big Apple. Context is everything, you dolt. If this happened in Des Moines, Iowa, you would probably cause quite a stir. New York? I'm doubting it. The rest of America expects random quasi-performance art on the sidewalks in New York. Hell, that's the image the city has been so successfully portraying to the rest of America for my entire life, if not longer. If people are already congregating mumbling the 1st Amendment, why will this cause a fuss? Because it's louder and more frenetic?

Get a job or a life. Dada has never been a useful way of protesting anything or accomplishing change. Do something useful instead of coming up with buffoonery. We have enough of that from all sides already. Adding to it doesn't help.


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