Even if they have to cheat...

Seems like the news today is that the Donks know that if they play fair, they’re going to lose; and if current tactics are any indication, apparently they think they’re losing big time. I thought the violence and shooting up headquarters was pretty rough, but they were just getting started.

No, I’m not talking about Kon Ferry prancing about the country lying about President Bush re-instituting the draft and leaving old people homeless and without their Social Security. And forget about John “El Molio” Edwards and his revival-style rant about John Kerry’s ability to enable full mobility for the wheelchaired. I’m not even talking about the sorest loser in American Presidential History, Alberto “VO5 gallons of flop sweat” Gore, and his recent loony comments about President Bush’s “love of power for its own sake that is the original sin of [Bush’s] presidency”. How can we forget all this business about Republicans trying to suppress that all important felony vote? But still, that’s all just stupid talk.

And yes, the rhetoric is as shrill as I’ve ever heard, but I can make fun of the lies. But now, they’re really desperate, they’re not fucking around, and I’m getting honestly scared. They’re turning our Democracy into a fraud. Consider…


A guy recruited by employees of the NAACP National Voter Fund is arrested for being paid in crack cocaine for completing fictitious voter registrations. Link

1,000 “suspicious” absentee voter registrations in Lake and Summit Counties are being investigated by officials, with the central figures being the NAACP's National Voter Fund and Americans Coming Together (ACT). Link

Hamilton County is investigating registrations for people who don’t exist, turned in by a low-income advocacy group called Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). Link


Apparently ACORN strikes again here, but with a group called Citizens for Consumer Justice,
intentionally completing duplicate and inaccurate applications. Link


ACORN is a busy bunch, with this now former employee being caught with a stash of over 300 unsubmitted forms in his trunk, in direct conflict with the law. Many of the forms have turned out to be incorrect anyway. Link

And you know we can’t leave out Florida because the legendary Democrat precincts have already set themselves up for all kinds of trouble. Links are here, here and here. This last one is especially fun because it involves both ACORN and a Muslim activist group.

Now, let me say I located this this small group of examples in less than 10 minutes. Also notice that just in this small list, all of the activities are in the so-called “battleground” states. They’re not going to places which are (a) predominantly Republican, and (b) considered a lock for a candidates, like say…TEXAS…

To those of you who said to me that that my prior post about how the Democrat party would seize power or destroy us all was a little harsh. Harsh eh? Now you have to think I’m looking prophetic. Republicans will win the war of ideas every time, but I’m honestly not confident we can overcome this kind of crap.


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