Socialist Thieves

I have problems with my alma mater on occasion. One of my major issues is the socialist nonsense that pervades almost everything on that freakin' campus like a fine fog of stupidity. I spent most of my time in the little corner where UT isolates engineers, so I missed a lot of the more pernicious nonsense.

One thing I did not miss was the PC police deciding I needed to pay for a statue of MLK. Some socialist decided that UT needed statues of people that weren't dead white guys. Something about the statue of Jeff Davis on the South Mall drives PC types batshit nuts, so they wanted a more ethnically diverse statue to balance it out. Fine. I had no problems with this at all. Put up a statue of goddamned Karl Mark if you think it's a good idea and can get the University to go along.

My problem came when the socialists decided that the best way to fund the statue was add an extra student fee on to my tuition bill. Given that a private donor paid for all the dead white guys on the South Mall, hitting the students up to 'redress' imagined 'grievances' struck me as bullshit. Go out and hit up the Exes for some money. Don't take my money to build statues to assuage your guilt/injustice/outrage. Get donations from people instead of using the power of the state to compel someone else to fund your pet issues. I lost that vote, so I moved on and voted for the giant severed head of MLK proposal. (Lost that vote, too.)

Now I see that the socialists are at it again. This time they're taking money from the students to build statues of Cesar Chavez and Barbara Jordan. I can see the logic for a memorial to Barbara Jordan, since she taught at UT forever. What connection does Cesar Chavez have to the University? Is it just that he's hispanic? Or am I missing something?

Furthermore, why do the students need to pay for the damn things? Socialists and revisionists piss and moan about the statue of Jeff Davis being there at all, then turn around and coerce 50,000 people into paying for their pet project. See any inconsistency there? I sure do, but maybe I'm just looking at it differently. Nice to see the precedent has been set that building statues is an appropriate thing for student fees to fund.

The whole idea is theft, pure and simple. Socialist losers don't make enough money to fund their own pathetic obsessions, so they have to get the state to take the money from people that do. Apparently, people aren't fond enough of Cesar Chavez or Barbara Jordan to put up their own money. That more than anything says everything you need to know about this proposal. Each statue will cost $400K. We're talking about a University that received 1.63 billion dollars in donations over a 7 year period. If you can't convince this community to give up $800,000 in 3 years, you have nothing anybody wants. You'd think at least some of the good little pomo socialists UT churns out of the fuzzy studies departments would want to contribute. Oh, wait, I covered that already under 'socialist losers'. Instead of, I dunno, trying harder to sell the idea to the University community, let's just rob the students. After all, now that tuition rates are skyrocketing at Texas public universities, a few more dollars won't hurt, right?

I 'd say more, but all I have left is incoherent profanity.


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