Childhood Nightmares

So I was browsing through Fark photoshops and I ran across this contest. Not a spectacular photoshop contest, but some good work. I'm not thinking it's a big deal, right up until I hit the entry submitted by le mew. Sweet mother of Jesus in a smoking birch-bark canoe. I never expected (or wanted) to see that particular image ever again.

I am officially scarred for life from the book she took that source picture from. I have no earthly idea what the book is actually about, because it's all in German. All I know is that book had some of the most terrifying images my fragile little mind had ever seen. I think I found that book in the bookshelves when I was about 6 or 7. Creepy ass pictures in another language are not doing anything good for little kids. No wonder people were so screwed up in the 1800s. This was considered children's literature. Why am I not surprised there's a website?

I guess the downside of all the information available on the web is that all the shit you never wanted to see again will show up eventually.


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