Cops and Guns

Most people who care about the 2nd Amendment are aware of the upcoming attempt by San Francisco to strip away the rights of city residents. Via Paul and AlphaPatriot comes the interesting tidbit that the actual rank and file SF cops are opposed.

Wow. Cops in SF have some sense. Actually, I’ve noticed over the years that there are two kinds of cops when it comes to guns. The first category is the kind that seem to get promoted to positions of authority. They hold to the Dogbert position of not trusting citizens with anything more dangerous than string. The other kind are the ones that think all gun control does is disarm the honest citizen. They know good and well the goblins and thugs will get guns no matter what laws get passed. To broadly over-generalize, the first kind are the people that went into police work because of control issues and penis envy. The second kind are the people that went into police work to protect and serve.

I don’t think the police opposition will do any good, but I like to see the cops standing up for the citizens’ rights. Kudos to the SFPOA for taking the good side.


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