I haven’t blogged much about the ridiculousness of the Tom DeLay indictment. Given what I know of the facts, it looks like Ronnie Earle is on crack and Tom DeLay is going to walk. The fact that Ronnie Earle spent 3 years on this case and came up with a BS indictment alleging an imagined violation of law was bad enough. He also had to shop his facts to three different grand juries to get an indictment that wasn’t facially invalid. So far, it ain’t looking good for Mr. Earle.

Now, I’m having flashbacks to CBS and "fake but accurate". According to the Comical, a list of candidates claimed as evidence by the prosecution doesn’t actually exist. Instead, the DA’s office has a "similar" list. Similar? Is that the standard these days? Hell, I'm gonna try presenting a similar lottery ticket and see what I can get.

Why does the word "witchhunt" keep running through my head? I’m waiting for Ronnie Earle to dredge up a witness claiming Tom DeLay turned him into a newt. The desperate attempt to find some violation of law has gone beyond pathetic and moved on into embarrassing.


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