Reflections on Future Appointments, RINOs, and Zell

It looks like Ashcroft and Ridge are probably out for the next term. Maybe even Rumsfeld and Powell. The Rumsfeld exit really makes me sad, but he's probably ready to enjoy a few golden years and doesn't need the hassle. I've got nothing coming to mind in particular yet as far as who might replace Ridge and Rumsfeld. Maybe Miguel Estrada is a good choice for AG, but I don't know; he's probably not too keen on the Senate process by now. Oh, but there's no Tom Daschle to hold up the process. That whole idea just makes me want do the Howard Dean scream from the rooftops. I can see Dr. Rice as SOS though.

Speaking of holding up the process, I heard on one of the shows that Arlen Spector is saying some nonsense about blocking any pro-life judicial nominees. Arlen is weak; he narrowly shit out both his primary win and this general election. He doesn't have many friends left. It is time to back bench this RINO asshole and strip him of any potential chairmanships. Conservativism won these elections, we have the mandate, and it is time to back bench all those RINO assholes, especially, Chaffee, Snowe, Spector, Collins, and McCain. Good God, especially McCain, the whore.

One unrelated appointment I'd like to see is Zell Miller for UN Ambassador. Senator Miller worked his ass off for President Bush and I'm not ready to see him out of the public eye just yet. Even my 80 year old Grandmother asked me if there wasn't something for which we could vote him. I think the UN is the perfect forum for him. Yeah, OK, actually, I just want to see him challenge Kofi Annan to a duel. He would kick Kofi's pompous ass.


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Remember a previous UN Ambassador from Georgia - Andrew Young. All of the UN people are used to speaking that strange Esperanto Adlai language, and Young wasn't quite that kind of guy. If you'll recall, he got trounced for something that, when you think about it, is extremely silly - he "recognized" the PLO. Well, how many people do you know that look like Arafat? He's certainly recognizable?

Zell Miller at the UN is an amusing idea. While that British newspaper asks how 59 million Americans could be so dumb, and while most of Western Europe agonizes about how America should make nice, just the very idea of Zell Miller marching into the UN is delicious. Waiting for the first "Speak English, you moron."

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