Bass Gay

I understand the news may discomfort all the other fish in the pond when they find out. Given that a lot of anglers are fairly conservative folks, does this mean all the fishing tournaments will have to start trying to catch other fish? Given the way bass fishing is in the South, I think a lot of people are going to be accepting of homosexual piscine Americans rather than give up fishing.

Oh, wait. I’ve just been informed that this is the celebrity Lance Bass from some craptacular band, not the actual fish. My mistake. I have two simple questions. Is anybody who cared about Lance Bass and his moribund career actually surprised? Notwithstanding the answer to that question, is there some reason anyone else should give a damn?

Barring any good answers to either of these questions, I think I’m done for the rest of my life caring (and blogging) about celebrities who come out of the closet, unless it provides me with an opportunity to engage in the vicious mockery of which I’m so fond.


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