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Two things are on my mind today about the crisis-du-jour in the Middle East. One is this article, so kindly sent my way by J. Do people have not enough to occupy their lives that they get offended over this kind of crap? Spend some time with artillery crews. They do this constantly. When they get a break from actually hanging rounds, they write all kinds of crap on "outgoing packages". Most of what they write is obscene and offensive. Somebody got their panties in a wad because little girls are doing it. And this is a problem how? Oh, wait, some hyper-sensitive Guardian reading asshat will tell me:

"I still cannot understand why or how anyone would allow their young children to walk up to missiles or other explosives. The militarization of children is always a crime,"
So allowing children to walk up to missiles or other explosives is "militarizing" them? What’s dressing them up in simulated explosive belts and encouraging them to participate in a sick death cult of martyrdom? Maybe the continued calls for your destruction by crazy mullahs and imams would militarize the kids a wee bit more than an up-close look at crew-served weapons. Of course, I forget that if children are exposed to the evil military mind control rays emitted from ordnance they will become Zionist oppressors who use the blood of Palestinians as a lovely after-dinner drink or some such nonsense. WTFever. These kids live in a country targeted for destruction by every nutjob Arab and Islamist on planet Earth. I'm thinking familiarity with heavy ordnance is a good thing to teach your kids in that case. Of course, I'm funny like that. But, if the idjit commenter really thinks militarizing children is a crime, there’s yet another reason to disband the PA. Honestly, any outrage over this is because Israel is justified in pounding the crap out of Hezbollah, so it's time to manufacture some other crap to be outraged about instead of just admitting the underlying anti-Semitism.

The other thing that is amusing the hell out of me is the whiny 25,000 bitches who decided to go to Lebanon and then want the .gov to bail them out when things started going ka-blooey. Some clueless git was on Commie Radio yesterday afternoon talking about how horrible it was and how the US didn’t try to implement a cease-fire (in a war they’re not involved in) and blah, blah, blah. Basically, it was a long drawn-out version of "my Lebanon trip got cut short and the .gov should have done more to help mitigate my dumb ass decisions and it really, really sucked. WAAAHHH!"

Here’s a news flash for the reality-impaired: any country where a terrorist organization is part of the government is not a place to take a vacation, mmmkay? Lebanon has been a danger zone for my entire life, especially if you hold an American passport. If you go to a country like this, you need to assume the risks of your behavior, not the American taxpayer. Yeah, it sure must suck to be in a foreign country when it all goes to hell and people start shooting at each other. Too bad your dream vacation got ruined by events, huh? Once again, the government is not the insurance provider of last resort, be that auto, home, life or travel. You make the decisions, you live with the consequences. Don’t expect people to help you. It’s great if they do, but they are really under no obligation to do so. It’s especially wrong of you to demand someone else spend money extorted from other people at gunpoint to help you.

Anyhow, the world will continue to turn and there will be violence in the Middle East. I am reasonably assured these things will be true for a long time to come.


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