CD22 Follies Continue Unabated

Via Chris, I learn this little tidbit. Nothing personal, Tom, but this mess you’re in is almost wholly related to your actions. If you’d done the right thing when you should have, this whole thing would be over for you and you wouldn’t be "forced to run". Plus, don’t give me that crap about how you’ll have to serve if you’re elected. You were elected less than two years ago and decided partway through your term of office not to serve anymore. Why should this time be any different?

I honestly don’t know how complicit in Tom DeLay’s decision everyone at the state party has been. I also don’t know the real motivations behind all of the happenings. However, at this late date in the game, it seems more and more like DeLay, with the possible help of Tina Benkiser and others in the Texas GOP, looked at the rules and tried to game the system. Nobody involved counted on the pushback from the donks and the courts. So now we’ve got the somewhat bizarre spectacle of a guy who has resigned being left on the ballot. Not quite as funny as the dead guy winning the election, but with a few more good twists we could that reach that level of ridiculous.

I’ll just reiterate: If Tom DeLay would have announced before the primary his intention to resign, we wouldn’t have to be going through this farcical charade. Somebody else could have won the primary and we could all have moved on with our lives.

However, it's all been a learning experience. I have learned once again that the government that provides the most entertainment is also the government that is the most annoying. I would be free to sit back and enjoy all this as pure comedy in the finest absurdist tradition if I weren’t paying so much for the privilege of having these asshats trying to control my life.


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