Why the hell couldn't this football team have shown up to play A&M? Yeah, UT can't string together 4 quarters of consistent football, but at least they won this game.

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Pink Pride

So, as it nears primary season, I note one man's quixotic attempt to hold forth Her Royal Pinkness as the exemplar of all that is good in the Republican Party in CD22. Good luck with that task, by the way. Given her fabulous behavior during her 51 days in office, I find it hard to believe she has much of a shot. As a side note, I see from the campaign site and the Christmas card she sent out that the Pepto pink suit seems to have been retired for the moment. Maybe somebody realized dressing up like a giant bottle of gastro-intestinal remedy isn't the image you want voters to associate with your campaign.

Who is running for CD22 at this point, anyways? She who must not be named, Olson, Talton, & Manlove are the declared candidates I'm aware of on the efenant side. I assume Nick Lampson wants to keep his job, although I really don't see that happening. I'm probably missing some, since the continuing CD22 debacle has brought out one of the biggest collections of bottom-feeders I've seen outside of a catfish farm. At this point, I have no real suggestions for your primary vote. If I had to pick from this dismal bunch, it'd probably be Manlove or Olson. Personal history prevents me from voting for Talton. We hashed out the failures of Her Royal Pinkness before, so I see no need to go over that again. Manlove seems reasonably competent and less obviously corrupt than most other Pasadena mayors. I don't know squat about him other than that. I know even less about Olson, except that his campaign mailers are easy to mock in the brief interval between mailbox and trash can.

Meh. Maybe somebody else will be on the ballot for the primary. If not, it may be a disheartening general election for the efenants among you.

Update: Dean Hrbacek is also running, for whatever that's worth.



MFC Yet Again

It's that time of year again. Merry Christmas, everyone.



OMG! Steroids!

I suppose I should actually bother to read a news article or something on the Mitchell report, but why blog from a position of knowledge? I'm still trying to figure out why the fuck the House Committee on Government Oversight is investigating steroid use by baseball players. (Leading theory: because they can, followed closely by because few people have balls big enough to tell Congress to get bent and the lawyers to make it stick.) Once I get that pesky issue sorted out in my own mind, I'll get around to reading their conclusions.

So in no particular order, here's what I think:

Who cares? Jocks took drugs and this matters to who, exactly?

When your multi-million dollar paycheck depends on athletic performance and there are known and verifiable substances to improve said performance and your job doesn't test for them, why wouldn't you use them? Because you don't like getting more money?

Don't ever answer a question posed to you by an agent of the federal government lest you get the answer wrong and subsequently are charged with perjury.

Seriously, don't you people have something better to worry about?

Finally, wouldn't it just be easier to list the guys who didn't admit to steroid use?

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It is once again the anniversary of my birth. In lieu of presents, links to amusing content are gratefully accepted.

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Turkey Non-Fryer

My mother-in-law, always the enabler, gave me this for my birthday. I'm a little dubious, but I can see some potential uses. I'll have to fire it up and see what happens. More details as events warrant.

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Missed It

Repeal Day was yesterday. Enjoy your drinks.

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I have no real response to this. I merely present for information.


Mittens the Religious

So, Mittens Romney, the efenant contender, gave a speech today about his religion and how it impacts his run for the presidency. Apparently, some in the Romney apparatus feel the specter of Mormonism is the sole factor keeping people from voting for Mittens. This implies a level of cluelessness on the part of Romney’s people that doesn’t bode well for his campaign.

I can’t speak for the hard-core efenants in the crowd, but there are plenty of reasons to not vote for Mittens. The fact he’s a Mormon doesn’t even make it into my top 20. In any event, maybe this will do him some good. I don’t see him as having a chance at the nomination, but what do I know.

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Sub-prime Meltdown Madness

So now Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson thinks the fed needs to step in and solve the looming foreclosure crisis. I have a better suggestion for Sec. Paulson: step way the hell back and eat a bowl of dicks. Then, after you’re done choking down your Cock-Ups, STFU and keep track of dollar bills or something equally as pointless and more importantly, harmless.

Here’s a newsflash: everybody involved needs to accept the burden of responsibility. Borrowers, aka the soon to be defaulting, need to recognize the problem with committing to a bigger payment than you can afford. You gambled on the idea that interest rates would stay low forever or that your income would keep up. You lost that bet. Mortgage providers, aka the impending bankruptcy filers, need to accept the fact that the reason you could make a loan to Badcredit J. Brokedick at 10% adjustable was because Mr. Brokedick never paid off a debt on time in his life. He was a credit risk, and now you’re about to figure out why since apparently you didn’t read the Equifax report very closely. I blame everybody involved for being stupid and greedy.

It’s going to suck when all this mess falls out. The bottom is going to go out from under the market, and a lot of people are going to get screwed. Some of them may even be innocent. I can guarantee, however, that the only thing that will make the situation worse is for the feds to get up in the middle of it and help “mitigate” the damage. Once the feds get involved, those of us who didn’t gamble on the real estate market will pick up the tab for those who did. Yeah, Paulson says taxpayers won’t pick up the tab. The tooth fairy will come and bail everyone out, too. Instead of screwing over everyone that acted responsibly, let the chips fall where they may and we’ll all be better off.


Marketing Advice

Is naming my new brand of pork sausage and bacon "Mohammed's Finest" a good idea or not? It seems to test well here in the south. I'm a little worried about world-wide reception, since I'd like to go global. None of the surveys the marketing guys have sent to the Sudan have come back...


Reason I Don't Answer My Phone

Every time I do, and I don’t know precisely who is calling, I get bitten.


Phone rings.

I’m expecting a call from an unknown number, so I answer.

Who do I get?

Her Royal F*cking Pinkness.

I use the not endorsing anyone b/c I’m moving excuse. I'm just not up to being openly shitty to anyone right now.

But still...


F*cking cow.


RIP Evel Knievel

Having spent the younger portion of my childhood in the 70s, it was absolutely necessary to have some sort of Evel Knievel paraphernalia. Well, it was if you were male, anyway. I recall having one of the toys driven by cheap plastic gears where you would either strip the gears or distort the housing enough to let the gears disengage in an attempt to get greater speed from your toy. In fact, it was similar to the one pictured prominently here.

I can’t honestly pin all of the blame for my love of large, fast motorcycles on Evel. I have no doubt he contributed to making motorcycles really cool when I was a kid. It all helped, I’m sure. Anyway, he’s passed on. I doubt we’ll see another one like him anytime soon.