Glorious Schadenfreude

Apparently, it's wrong to take joy in the suffering of others. So I will step back and say instead that I am taking a deep pleasure in the mysterious workings of karma in laying low the hypocritical and moralizing among us. Anybody buying that? Anybody at all? No? Okay, schadenfreude it is. I'm enjoying the hell out of this.

Elliot Spitzer is a scumbag who used his position as Attorney General of New York to invent dubious legal rationales to pursue crusades against businesses he didn't like. He's a fecking asshat who should go down hard for being a corrupt power hungry bastard. That he got caught up in Mann Act violations with these lovely ladies just adds icing to the cake. The married guy with three kids is blowing a couple of grand at a time on hookers. But he's got no problem telling us how to live our lives, and smacking us down if we break the law.

He's hanging quasi-tough right now, in that he hasn't uttered the "r" word, but we'll see. If the feds indict him, he's done.

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