Today I Had a John McCain Revelation

For the better part of a decade, I have commented that John McCain would be better off to be sent home by his constituents to take up a hobby and stop being a menace to the rest of us from his office in the Senate. So imagine my shock and horror when the man actually became the nominee for the political party with which I most identify. It has been perplexing me this entire campaign season, which is why I've posted so little about politics this round, as I know how I loathe the man and cannot bring myself to cast a ballot for him. I attempted to rationalize by saying that I am only voting against his freaky-ass, Hitler-like Socialist opponent, but it still brings me back to marking the box next to McCain's name, and that just isn't going to happen. That is why I decided this year to cast my ballot for the Libertarian candidate, Bob Barr. At least Barr has mostly the right ideas about where our country needs to head.

That aside, I have many friends who are in a similar situation to me with regard to their distaste for McCain; however, they believe (much like I do honestly) that the ballot I will be casting for Barr will be in essence a "wasted ballot". I am calling it a protest, but many of my friends don't want to protest because they're too afraid of what an Obama administration might mean. So, they, despite my attempted influence, cannot bring themselves to vote for Barr. Well friends, fret no more! I have finally pontificated a reason for you to march with pride right into that election room and proudly cast your ballot for John McCain: term limits.

I know you're thinking I'm delirious, but follow my reasoning. McCain will probably be re-elected to the Senate for as long as he wants to sit there and fester, coddle Democrats, and push anti-constitutional legislation; BUT, if he's elected President, he is only constitutionally allowed to serve for a maximum of 8 years. He then goes the hell home to hang out at the VFW, the American Legion, or whatever it is he does in his spare time. We get to say, "sayonara old dude" and he's out of our collective hair. Imagine the prospect of knowing that we will have to contend with John McCain for only 8 more years MAX. It brings a smile to my face and a gleam to my eye just imagining it.

Some might say, "well, you could make the same argument about Obama," but you can't and here's the difference. McCain actually does shit in the Senate, scary, horrible shit. Obama, on the other hand, is the exact type Senator you want if a collection of imbeciles are going to be stupid enough to continue to vote him in there. He's useless, worthless, and does nothing. Let him sit right there in his Senate office and pick his giant nose until he drops dead. Half the time he's not going to show up to as much as vote anyway. Put Obama in the White House and you're going to bring all of his Communist puppeteers and fellow travelers with him. These losers will take over an entire branch of government, appoint enough Justices to screw up another, and because Obama is such an eloquent speech reader, we're going to have to listen to him extol the virtues of Marxism for probably 8 years. Think about the delicate ears of our children! BLEAGH, no thanks. We're having enough trouble with the socialist retards in the Congress ruining our economy, so there's no reason to shift them around to all 3 branches of government.

McCain, on the other hand, is so damned boring, nobody will listen. He'd probably appoint justices at least better than David Souter, who is at least better than Ruth Bader Ginsburg (kinda). He has a horrible rotten temper, which is probably just the kind of guy I want facing off with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with his hand squarely on the button O' doom. In short, he can hold the spot and be mostly harmless for 8 years until we can get Sarah Palin into the job. I really like her and look forward to the opportunity to vote for her someday.

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