The Complexity of Males and their Funny Websites

A few years ago, I found Mahir. Mahir, suave and debonair in his own mind, just wanted to get laid.

Then along came Ill Mitch. Mitch, who also has a desire for the ladies, aspires to be a rap star. And I wish him the best in his quest; although I've read that there is some debate as to whether he is for real.

Speaking of rappers, nobody's weird guy website experience would be complete without these guys. They're still "Straight Ballin".

This all comes up because, today, I find this guy. Now, I don't think Gay Monkey Man has a penchant for the ladies. An informal poll of my gay male friends indicates to me that he's not going to have much luck with the fellas either.

I just can't stop laughing.

Update: The Gay Monkey Changed his website to here. I guess he wants to be a "boi" now.


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