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Well, it’s been a fun week here so far at YPS. There are some people out there who have noticed our little corner of the web. They don’t seem really happy about finding it, either. Who knew? People actually read us. I guess all those hits aren’t just people clicking the next blog button.

What I find the funniest is that people only care to comment about things that they find offensive. I post 1,000 words about Social Security and I can hear crickets chirp in the background. J tags Robert Byrd with his own words, calls drunk-ass Sponge Ted a racist, and people come out of the woodwork to complain. This amuses me greatly. Sensationalism gets the hits, huh? Call it the Ann Coulter effect.

I find the offense peculiar in and of itself. It’s not offensive to anybody that a guy who has been in the Senate since 1958 still thinks of people as niggers, white or otherwise. It’s not offensive that you can commit vehicular manslaughter while drunk, have your dad buy off half the state to get you out of it, and still go on to fame and fortune as a Senator because your family’s rich and famous. Instead, pointing out the problems of the people that have done these things is offensive. Maybe my Offense-O-Meter is calibrated differently than y’alls. I’ll see if I can find the calibration specs and have it checked out.

I really don’t mind people that have opposing viewpoints. I just ask that you give me something other than “I’m offended and you’re wrong” to work with. Great! You’re offended! You think I’m wrong! So fucking what? It’s completely uninteresting. You might as well spray paint graffiti on an overpass for all the good that does. Give me a cogent reason why you think I’m wrong. Toss out some facts to support your position. Otherwise, you’re just another one of those annoying creatures living under a bridge and pestering goats. As far as you getting offended? I still think Mike Muir said it best a long time ago:
And if I offended you, oh I'm sorry...
But maybe you need to be offended
But here's my apology and one more thing...fuck you!


Blogger t0m said...

"And if Strom Thurmond had been elected President, we wouldn't have had all these problems." Name that quote!

Do you believe in redemption? We gave Strom Thurmond a pass on his racism, so I think it's time to return the favor. The first time a Democrat talks about Byrd's racist past as if it were an honorable thing, you can nail that guy to the wall too.

But if the best you can do is past racist affiliations (like Byrd or Thurmond) or past alcoholism (like Kennedy or Bush), then I hardly see the point.

Maybe we should demand an answer from Bush about the cocaine thing. He never denied it, I think he should deny it or admit it. And I remember what a big deal Republicans made about smoking a joint in college.

Hope that satisfies you for an answer. Cheers!

4:09 PM  
Blogger T said...

Oh, please, pick a hard one. Trent Lott. Lost him the Majority Leader seat, too. It didn't lose him his senate seat yet, but there's still hope for 2006.

The reason Strom Thurmond got a pass on racism is that he went out and actively did things to counter his racist past. I'm unaware of similar efforts on Byrd's part. The real problem with Byrd is that as near as I can tell, he still thinks like an old school racist cracker. The "white nigger" comment was in 2001, not 1964. The corollary to using that phrase is that he still thinks of some people without the adjective. I can't say for sure, not being telepathic, but it seems pretty damn likely.

I could really give a rat's ass if Kennedy was or is a drunk, except for one little detail: he killed somebody. I realize those of us that dislike him harp on this repeatedly, but it's pretty important. He belongs in jail instead the Senate. I can also do a lot better when it comes to bashing Sponge Ted, and I'll get right on it once somebody addresses the manslaughter issue.

As far as redemption goes, I have no problem with it. However, along with redemption goes repentance and I don't see much sign of that at all. I also don't think you redeem yourself by being a bloviating demagogue (ala Kennedy) or getting the maximum amount of federal pork possible for your state (ala Byrd).

Given that I think the War on (Some) Drugs is one of the most horribly destructive policies ever undertaken by the federal government, I could give a shit about casual drug use twenty years ago. Peddle that to someone who cares.

As far as confirming or denying things go, I seem to recall a currently sitting senator who spent a lot of time being unable to recall things when asked. Is my memory flawed?

5:22 PM  
Blogger J said...

I notice one convenient item omitted concerning both Thurmond's and Byrd's segregationist pasts: in those turbulent times, both were DEMOCRATS. Note that nobody ever ran on the segregationist "DIXIECAN" ticket, the party was "DIXIECRAT". The Democrats' racist past, present, and future is just something history can't hide.

Thurmond has more than attoned for his past sins; Byrd, however, continued his racist ways just this week by figuratively attempting to block the office door from a "colored girl" becoming the next Secretary of State.

Republicans know how to smack down their own thankyouverymuch, and being a Democrat just means never having to say you're sorry.

5:58 PM  

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