Gun Control Is Bad, MMKay?

Someday, someone should explain to me how John Stossel still has a career at ABC. I can’t imagine he goes over well with the people that run the newsroom. I guess if you keep putting up ratings, that’s all that matters, huh?

While I disagree occasionally with Mr. Stossel, he’s nailed the issue with his column on gun control. He reiterates what has been pointed out repeatedly: gun control does nothing but disarm the law-abiding. Criminals are not inclined to obey the laws on gun control any more than the laws on robbery, theft, or assault. He also went and interviewed actual criminals, who, shockingly enough, don't go and buy guns from legal channels of distribution. I know I'm shocked. The charming individuals interviewed also don't like the idea of ordinary citizens having guns. It bothers them, which is reason enough to have a firearm.

Besides, Mr. Stossel quoted our favorite court opinion. We like people smart enough to agree with us.


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