Tasty Kool-Aid

At least it must be, because David Brooks apparently drank gallons of the stuff.
Bush hasn’t abandoned conservatism; he’s modernized and saved it.

Okay, refresh my memory. Isn’t Brooks the guy that used to be a liberal but saw the light? Or did he used to be a conservative, went liberal to get laid more, but came back to the cause of righteousness when the GOP took the White House? Or is he the guy that was conservative until the statute of limitations ran out, and then became liberal? I can’t remember, nor can any see any reason why I should bother. Can you say "sycophantic suck-up", boys and girls? I knew you could! Really, with lines like this:

Despite all the mistakes that have been made, it is nonetheless true that Bush has ennobled and saved American conservatism.

But they will not succeed unless they absorb the essential lessons that are George W. Bush’s best legacy.

Ennobled? Best legacy? I guess the old grape stuff is passé. Whatever flavor they’re serving up at the White House these days is even yummier. I’m gonna go off somewhere and laugh myself silly now.

But before I go, according to all sources I’ve read, the metaphor shouldn't be Kool-Aid. It should be this. But I'm sure Jel-Sert would rather people forgot about that whole nasty business.


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