CNN Not Dead Yet

If I were a completely cynical bastard… oh, wait, I’m reliably informed by my spouse that I am. Anyhow, since I’m a completely cynical bastard, I might think that CNN was trying to drum up a little controversy to get people to pay more attention to them. As much as I enjoy conspiracy theories, you’d probably be reaching pretty far to get there. I might be persuaded of the malice of individual CNN staffers leading them to gross lapses of judgment. In the final analysis, I’m going to have to have to go with Hanlon’s Razor. CNN is staffed by incompetents. Over at Instapunk, an alternative explanation is presented for your perusal. I might be convinced of the rightness of their explanation, if only because they liberally reference the finest moment of Rowdy Roddy Piper’s career.

Really, isn’t the whole thing a tempest in a teapot? Find something more important to obsess over. CNN’s journalism sucks and their ratings are down. Let ‘em go peacefully.


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