Way To Protest!

Okay, it’s been a number of years since I was in high school. I remember my hippie stoner friends going to anti-nuke peace protests in downtown DC. I never went, because I always figured it was a dumb position and a bad idea. I will, however, admit to blowing off school on a fairly regular basis. Convincing me to not go on any given day was easier than convincing me to go. This is why I always find "protests" like the one advocated in Seattle to be hilarious. Hey, kids, make a political statement by ditching class! It’s a cynically brilliant move to claim that all the kids who bailed that day support your cause.

Of course, the ugly truth of trying to appeal to high school kids is that politically speaking, they’re irrelevant. You don’t get any political clout unless you have money or vote in large numbers. The entire under-25 demographic fails on both counts. The young don’t vote, and they're broke.


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