Baseball Is Over!

Okay, let me start by saying that I don’t give a flat rat’s ass about Major League Baseball. Pick your favored analogy for unexciting events – paint drying, grass growing, brain death from oxygen deprivation– and however little you care about that choice, I care about baseball even less. I’m going to use this opportunity to rant about baseball related behavior, instead.

My first objection is all the people that magically show an interest and become Astros "fans" because they finally made it to the series. I’ve seen more Astros gear in the past week than I have in the previous year. The johnny-come-latelies are the worst about assuming that everybody else has succumbed to the madness of the crowd and hopped on the bandwagon with the rest of the lemmings. I didn’t care about the Astros last week and I don’t care now. No, I will not be watching on TV. Do not end every conversation with "Go ‘Stros". Take off that ugly shirt you got at Academy and go back to work. Honestly, if you showed no interest when they weren’t going, why does it matter now? I don’t get it and all you damned lemmings are annoying.

My second peeve about the whole series is the apologists. "Well, they got there, that’s enough for me." I started overhearing this line of crap after the second game. I don’t get this attitude, either. The only team I follow is the Texas Longhorns. I fully expect them to be capable of winning the National Championship when they finally get there again in January. Nobody on the ‘Horns has ever been in the Championship before. So what? The people talking about how the Astros have never been and blah, blah, blah need to shut up. As a team, the Astros have never been. But damn, some of their people have been multiple times and have the rings to show for it. Why apologize for these people? They get paid absurd amounts of money to play the game. You can sure as hell expect them to be competitive. Don’t expect them to show up for the game with the attitude of worked hard enough, time to coast. Screw that. I’m not even in touch with the whole "Second place is the first loser" mentality. I spent too damn long in the Army, where second place is the first casualty. If you’re gonna be in it, be in it to win it. Otherwise, why are you even bothering?

Anyhow, I’m glad all this nonsense is over so I don’t have to hear about baseball again for the foreseeable future.


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