Take Two Aspirin

I have no earthly idea what to think about the nomination of Judge Alito to the Supreme Court. I read good things, I read bad things. His nomination is pissing off some people I want pissed off. On the other hand, there’s this statement:

"Sam Alito is just what George Bush is looking for: a big government conservative who will almost always side with the government against the individual, and the federal government against the state,"
Bleagh. I have no opinion at this point. I honestly think it’s going to take more work than I’m prepared to do right now to come to a conclusion much beyond ‘meh’. Some rulings are encouraging. Some appear narrowly procedural. Some make my head hurt if I try to read them. I think he’ll probably get confirmed unless it comes out that he’s been doing something beyond the pale since the last time he got confirmed. By beyond the pale, I mean screwing goats or something, not writing judicial opinions that offend sensitive progressives.

At least Ms. Miers spared me the grandstanding, posturing, and bloviation that are the primary products of the confirmation hearings. I will once again get to witness the members of the Senate prove that the one group of Americans in no need of additional representation is the asshats.


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