Votin’, Votin’, Votin’

So tomorrow is the day. We went and got the equipment and supplies yesterday. Apparently, showing up on Sunday has benefits. There was no line and no wait for supplies. Usually, we go early on Saturday and the warehouse looks like a zoo where the keepers absconded. However, it’s always very well organized and everything runs pretty smoothly, except for parking. Beverly Kaufman’s people do a fine job of handling the madness. Tonight we’ll go and set up the eSlate booths. I can hardly wait. I’m agog with the antithesis of excitement. Ennui? Despair? I think apathy is the actual opposite of excitement, so maybe that’s not quite right.

Now, I went ahead and gave you my recommendations for your votinating pleasure. Paul has his recommendations up as well. Apparently I am not a South Park Republican, but that’s hardly news. A little commentary on why Paul favors his choices would have been nice, but alas, such insight is denied us. Of course, since you are going to vote the way I have proposed, it’s all irrelevant anyway.

All attempts to sway your voting habits aside, please do go out and vote tomorrow if you live in Texas. If you live elsewhere I’m sorry for you, but vote if there’s an election on in your particular locality. While you’re out voting, be nice to your poll workers. Offer them snacks! But only good ones! Don’t try to pawn off the rice cakes hiding in the back of the cupboard left over from some abortive attempt at a diet. Pretzels are favored by some poll workers, while others may prefer chocolate. Leftover Halloween candy might be appreciated too, if you aren’t the kind of person who bought expired candy corn at the dollar store. Nobody needs that on top of dealing with the election.

Anyhow, all jokes aside, go vote tomorrow. The future of the free world depends on you. Scary thought, isn’t it? Oh, and finally, please remember that the eSlate is not a touchscreen.


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